MUST WATCH: This Is The Greatest 10 Minute Promo In Rough N' Rowdy History

Why is this my (1) MUST WATCH of 2022? Because this IS the most disrespectful matchup in boxing history. And it all gets decided TONIGHT at RnR17...  

(2-0) BIG DICK BOOTY DADDY vs (6-0) LIGHTS OUT LAING, our heavyweight champion of Rough N' Rowdy and pride of The South Shore of Massachusetts. 

It's a fight that's been 7 months in the making with BDBD calling out Laing back in November 2021 when he was just (1-0) but already prepared to "knock you the fuck out and eat your wife's pussy, GUARANTEED" 

BDBD got his wish to face an undefeated fighter at RnR16 and promptly sent him to the moon with another KO plus the most electric celebration + interview combat sports has ever seen...

And now it all comes down to this main event on May 20th. We find out if the biggest heel in RnR history can back up months of trash talk + hungry hungry hippo pussy eating references… Or will our greatest RnR champion ever shut him up for good?

The only way to watch is on Friday night at 8 pm ET (48 hour replay with your order) and the rest of our matchups are pretty stacked too. CHERRY BOMB, HOT WHEELZ, DYNAMITE, SMIDGE THE DOORMAN, SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT, TRAILER PARK, SCARFACE, NINJA, KUNTRY HOODLUM, SLAP FOR CASH, NIGHTY NIGHT are all back with new opponents and there's a ton of new blood on the fight card too. 

BAD BLOOD to be exact. See you Friday night…

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PS: Shout out to Max Dolente for absolutely crushing this edit + filming this on site with Sundae master Tom Mullens.. and thanks to Corporate Hank who greenlit the whole thing. Hopefully more RnR fighter profiles coming for future events

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