#RNR1: December 15, 2017 / 7:15pm EST


Single Fight
Dec 15

Access to live broadcast of the December 15 fight in Bluefield, West Virginia.


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Common Questions

I bought the fight. Now what?

The live event starts Friday December 15 at 7:15PM EST. Login with your account on this site to watch.

If I can't watch live can I view the event after?

Yes. You will have access to watch for 24 hours after the live event.

If I start watching after it starts can I rewind?

While it's live you won't be able to rewind but after it's over you can. You can rewatch for 24 hours after the fight.

How long is it? How many fights are there?

The event starts at 7:15PM EST and should run to about 11:45PM. There's about 40 fights. 3 1-minute rounds each.

What time is the Hank vs Tex fight?

Hank vs Tex should start around 10:30-10:45PM EST, however, it depends on how quickly the other fights go.

How do I watch it on my TV?

The fight will be streamed on this website. On iOS you can use airplay to stream it to Apple TV. For Chromecast, fullscreen the video and cast your browser tab. See here for instructions on casting a browser tab.