Cherry Bomb Pushed Hot Wheelz, Jersey Jerry Faced Off With Nadu, Marty Mush Almost Died... Welcome To The #RnR16 Weigh-Ins From WV

What a fucking night in West Virginia folks! Judging from the pure unadulterated tension in the arena, actual physical violence at the podium, and endless amount of trash talk from every single matchup... Yeahhhh I'm thinking Rough N' Rowdy is BACK and ready to deliver some ALL-TIME entertainment on Friday night. 

Between the title belt rematches, 520 lbs vs 410 lbs, 4'2'' vs 4'5'', former WV neighbors fighting, Crazy Bird returning, and of course Jersey Jerry vs Jeff Nadu for RESPECT, this really does seem like a Hall of Fame fight card. Speaking of Crazy Bird, shout out to Marty Mush for stepping up to host when needed most, while nearly getting himself killed in the process...

Fortunately/unfortunately we didn't have any fighters spit on each other this time but Cherry Bomb made sure to fill that void with a wicked push from the clouds. If it wasn't clear before, these girls absolutely HATE each other. There will be blood in this rematch...

But surprisingly, the biggest KO of the night came from Youngstown Bob of all people. If you're on Team BMOC please look away now.

We toss around the word ELECTRIC a lot here but I have ZERO doubt the Charleston Coliseum is going to be the definition of an ELECTRIC FACTORY on Friday night. And for me it was always Jersey Jerry, but crazier things have happened. 

Is the million dollar match coming down the pipeline next? You'll have to tune in at 8 pm ET to find out… Order RnR 16 for 24 fights + ring girl contest HERE

(RnR 16 Fight Card order subject to change)

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