RnR 16 Matchup Preview With Crazy Bird's Hillbilly Power, Shizzat Knockouts, Jersey Jerry And More

Watch above to get familiar with our 24 matchups coming TONIGHT at RnR 16. The broadcast starts at 8 pm ET (with 48 hour replay) and judging from this lineup it's guaranteed to be an all-time PPV. 

We got 520 lbs vs 410 lbs, 4'2'' vs 4'5'', multiple title belt rematches, local legends like Crazy Bird returning, a main event with 1 of the realest feuds we've had in years, and much more. Whole commentary team will be back along with me and Caleb in the trenches so there's really no reason not to buy. 

You can also join the free PlayBarstool.com contest and pick these 5 fights to win $25,000.  

Order RnR 16 for 20+ amateur brawls, 5 main events, ring girl contest and more on December 10th at 8 pm ET

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