Paddy The Baddy Reacts To Pregnant Ring Girls, Our Best KOs, And Crazy Bird To Prepare For RnR 16

Paddy the Baddy mentioned that he hadn't seen much Rough N Rowdy the last time he was in the office, so I brought him into the studio and treated him to some of the best clips, knockouts, and jokes in RNR history in preparation for this Friday's event. It's truly our best card ever with personal grudges, phenomenal rematches, and crazy storylines heading into the show, so don't miss out - RnR 16 THIS FRIDAY NIGHT WITH KNOCKOUTS & RING GIRLS & KNOCKOUTS DECEMBER 10th!!!

Order RnR16 for 25 fights, 5 main events, live ring girl contest, whole commentary team back + Troopz and more on December 10th

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