Barstool Rundown - June 21, 2021

Sport Clips

Sport Clips Haircuts offers a unique experience—that exceeds the typical haircut…from start to finish.  

Sport Clips Stylists are experts in Men and Boy’s haircuts, with specialized training & techniques.

Cutting guys hair can be harder than women’s hair.

When you go to Sport Clips vs a place that cuts women’s hair, you are getting stylists who are specifically trained to cut guy’s hair.

Sport Clips Signature service is the MVP Haircut Experience. It is so much more than a haircut: the legendary hot steamed towel on your face, messaging shampoo that makes you melt into your seat … It’s the ultimate in relaxation.

Visit a SportClips near you for a haircut that exceeds the typical experience from start to finish!



It’s summertime which means…. Birddogs Shorts ARE BACK. 

If you’re not wearing Birddogs all summer long then WTF are you doing? 

They’re perfect for doing literally anything. 

Birddogs stole Lululemon’s designer & are just doing it better.

You won’t believe this giveaway... Go to, enter promo code “RUNDOWN” and they’ll throw in a free Birddogs Whistle Tip Football. 

Remember those Nerf Vortex Howler Footballs that whistle when you throw them? The footballs you can literally throw a mile- yeah that one. 

A must have for summer. That’s, promo code “RUNDOWN” and boom, a free Birddogs Whistle Tip Football with your pair of Birddogs. You will not take these things off, I promise you.

Go to and use promo code “RUNDOWN”

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