Frank The Tank & Rone Break Down 4'4'' SWOGGLE Entering The Boxing Ring VS. 4'5'' DYNAMITE

Is there anyone better at giving takes than Frank The Tank? FUCK. NO. That's why we paired him up with his trusted cameraboy Rone to get into every fight we have coming at RnR 14 aka THE *REAL* BACKYARD BRAWL. 

We'll have a matchup breakdown everyday until fight night on April 23rd and hopefully you can grab some useful information out of these too for your $25k Play Barstool entry. That contest will activate next week so until then enjoy the takes above and some all-time Swoggle highlights below + a few of our previous dueling dwarfs...

4'4'' vs 4'5'' for the RnR 14 BMFM Title is gonna be NO JOKE.

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