8/27/2021 at 8PM ET

  • Witness 20 brawls with NO HEADGEAR, title fights, Girl vs Girl matchups, and more madness you simply have to see to believe!
  • Join Dave Portnoy & Dan Katz on the call from Charleston, WV for a night of amateur brawlers throwing nonstop haymakers with NO defense + maximum CHAOS... 48 hour replay comes with all PPV orders.

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Here's what you get by ordering RnR 15

Simply put Rough N' Rowdy is the WILDEST mix of humanity you may ever see in a boxing ring or planet earth. That's a goddamn promise.

During the 20 fights you also get laugh-out-loud non-stop commentary from Dave "El Pres" Portnoy & Dan "Big Cat" Katz, Robbie "Bob" Fox, along with Caleb "Caleb" Pressley & Adam "Rone" Ferrone reporting live with the losing fighters. Plus all our other chaos!

RnR is the best event we do. It's insane, unpredictable action. It's unparalleled absurdity. It is AMERICA.

This is why we firmly believe there is NO better bang for your buck than Rough N' Rowdy. Buy now and get 48 hour replay on the PPV.

Fight card subject to change.

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Rough N Rowdy

Feedback from past purchasers

This is 50x better than actual pay per views

This is the greatest thing barstool sports has ever done

Holy shit this is unreal content

This is the content that made barstool great in the first place

Best commentary since vince mcmahon in the early 90s

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