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A Night of Backyard Brawl Boxing


  • Watch 20 hillbilly brawls with wild (0-0) fighters from West Virginia, main event of The Abel Brothers vs. Frank The Tank's Army, and a live ring girl contest after the final bell
  • Join Dave Portnoy & Big Cat LIVE from Wheeling, WV for a night of unproven boxing with zero defense & nonstop haymakers on Friday August 9th starting at 8 pm ET
  • PPV replay available until 8/25

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Watch RNR 25

Rough N' Rowdy returns August 9th for 3 hours of boxing mixed with backyard brawl vibes LIVE from the heart of Wheeling, WV. Aside from a few returning fan favorites like The Abel Brothers & The Fightin' Leprechaun, every fighter on the card is (0-0) with no real experience in the ring. Do they know how to punch? Do they know how to duck? We have no fucking idea. But we're gonna find out together over 3 one minute rounds with Dave Portnoy & Big Cat reacting on commentary ringside...

With your PPV order you get 20 fights with NO headgear including West Virginia vs Pittsburgh fights, local rednecks coming down from the mountains to settle feuds with their fists, Zach Abel vs. Mikey Bets, Spencer Abel vs. Summer Brady, and ring girls twerking through it all.

So tune in on August 9th for an unforgettable night of twisted sports entertainment. You get 20 fights, a live ring girl contest, and an endless amount of laugh-out-loud commentary from our announcers Dave Portnoy & Big Cat & Robbie, along with Rone & Nick Turani & Large asking fighters some hard hitting questions before and after the bell.

It's chaotic comedic combat. It's wildly reckless. But it is a fucking beautiful sight to see. And that's why we firmly believe there is no better bang for your buck than ordering RNR25 for your August 9th weekend

*Replay available until August 25th with all PPV orders*

Fight card subject to change

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Rough N Rowdy

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This is 50x better than actual pay per views

This is the greatest thing barstool sports has ever done

Holy shit this is unreal content

This is the content that made barstool great in the first place

Best commentary since vince mcmahon in the early 90s

Buy PPV $29.99