2/5/2021 at 8PM ET

  • LIVE from West Virginia featuring a main event with JOSE CANSECO vs BILLY FOOTBALL, 4'3'' vs 4'5'' for the Lightweight Title, 20 fights with no headgear, Ring Girl contest, knockouts AND MORE...
  • Join Dave Portnoy & Dan Katz from Barstool Sports on the call for a night of amateur boxers throwing absolute haymakers in a flurry of fury over 3 rounds... NO defense. NO MERCY. NONSTOP.

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Here's what you get with Rough N' Rowdy 13...

56 year old Jose Canseco, to some a MLB legend & others an all-time villain, will be boxing versus a 21 year old named Billy Football on February 5th, 2021. What more do you need to know? Turn our PPV notifications on ASAP or risk missing this all-time night. But if you must, it's all to settle a beef that's been brewing for years, specifically with Billy's boss Dan Katz AKA Big Cat. After Jose was extremely rude online to Big Cat's boss, A-Rod of A-Rod Corp, something had to be done to settle the score. Unfortunately Big Cat hosts the #1 podcast on earth, Pardon My Take, and didn't have time to fight a known steroid user. But Billy volunteered as tribute, and now EVERYTHING is on the line 2/5 at 8 pm.

Simply put, Rough N' Rowdy is the wildest mix of humanity you may ever see in a boxing ring or planet earth. The highlights speak for themselves. Even we don't know what these fighters & ring girls are gonna do when they step in that squared circle. But we guarantee it will be 1 of the funniest most action packed nights you EVER see.

During our 20 NO HEADGEAR fights (did we mention there's also a 4'3'' vs 4'5'' main event + undefeated heavyweight title fight too?) you also get laugh-out-loud non-stop commentary from Dave “El Pres” Portnoy, Dan “Big Cat” Katz, Robbie "Octagon Bob" Fox along with Caleb "Caleb" Pressley & Adam "Rone" Ferrone reporting live with the losing fighters. Plus you get all the other unpredicted chaos that happens in AND out of the ring... (we had a fighter ride in on a horse at RnR 12)

RnR is the best event we do. It's insane, unpredictable, unstoppable action. It's unparalleled absurdity... It's an experience worth roughly a gazillion dollars but we're gonna gift it to you for only $19.99, with 48 hour replay!

This is why we firmly believe there is NO better bang for your buck than Rough N' Rowdy... ORDER NOW for the best 3+ hours in 2021 so far. On February 5th we all find out whether Jose Canseco will walk out a winner versus the world, or a *LOSER*

Fight card subject to change.

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Rough N Rowdy

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This is 50x better than acutal pay per views

This is the greatest thing barstool sports has ever done

Holy shit this is unreal content

This is the content that made barstool great in the first place

Best commentary since vince mcmahon in the early 90s

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