Watch A Sneak Peek Of The RnR 13 PPV Intro And GOOD LUCK Not Sprinting Through A Brick Wall

If your heart isn't racing and your plums aren't swollen from that then I'm guessing you simply do NOT have a pulse. Shout out to Tom Mullens for whipping that magic up for tonight, he's been grinding at making phenomenal fight content since RnR 5. Quite literally someone RnR couldn't function without and an absolute superstar in the editing shadows. 

You may remember him as the 1st ever RnR winner for Play Barstool and it made sense he went 10/10 since he knows more about these fighters than their own families...

FYI our last 5 fights of the night may be our best Main Event lineup EVER and overall these 20 no headgear fights are all gonna entertain in 1 way or the other. Hell even the under under card was showing out last night at the weigh-in and I must say, PRAY for Hot Wheelz... 

DO NOT MISS THIS PPV! And if you can't watch it at 8 PM or on Friday that's okay, you get 48 hour replay with your purchase on

If you watch that intro sizzle + Caleb's interview with Jose + PMT's interview with Jose + the RnR 13 weigh in + remember the fact that Frank The Tank is only HOURS away from getting a date with Josie Canseco… and you STILL don't wanna watch? Well as my dear friend Brandon F. Walker would say, "FUCK YEW!"

RnR 13 starts at 8 PM = 20 fights, 5 Main Events, Ring Girl contest & more click to buy